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A World Is Waiting

English: Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, Hung...

English: Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, Hungary Magyar: A Szépművészeti Múzeum egyik kiállítócsarnoka (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the things that defines Jolene Ross is her passion for travel. This is something that has kept her going in numerous ways. At present, she is currently studying at the University of Oxford. The degree she is pursuing is Fine Arts, and she is hoping to continue following her passions when she finishes school. There is plenty of opportunity out there, especially for someone who is as talented as Ross. She has a unique way of looking at art, a unique way of dissecting it and finding the message within. As an artist, she is quite effective at producing a picture and communicating her point across through it.

There is another form of art that Ross is passionate about. She has always been interested in writing and learning how to communicate across to people. A lot of people find this to be difficult and it may take years for the to learn. For Ross, this is something that more or less comes as second nature now. Due to this skill, she has managed to take her time as a travel writer. She has worked freelance in this manner and therefore has become quite successful. She writes for a number of different publications within her local area. This has given her the opportunity to take a look at the world around her and learn more about it.

She believes that travel can help to broaden a person’s mind. There is no doubt about this. Experiencing another culture, especially one that is so different from one’s own, can give a person a new idea of what the world offers. There are so many different ways of thinking and viewpoints out there. A lot of these viewpoints are going to be formed by the person’s environment. As a result, just seeing a person’s environment can tell one a lot about that particular individual. Ross understands that this is the way the world works, and she is looking forward to getting out there and learning more about it as she decides to head off. She also likes playing tennis, swimming, dancing, and playing mobile games like Brave Frontier Hack and Summoners War Hack.

Life can be a mystery, and the artist is the person who decides to try and make some kind of sense out of it. Ross is aware of the opportunities that are available to her. Now she wants to just get up and follow her passions. After she has finished with her school, she knows that there is a world waiting for her.

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