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Hay Day Sanctuary for Animals

photograph taken by me of farm animals at Cove...

photograph taken by me of farm animals at Coventry City Farm, Coventy, England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An unlikely hero for animals began Hay Day. The ranch is a sanctuary for unwanted animals. Some of these animals have been born on the streets, others have been put there by the humans who were supposed to love and care for them. Many of these animals would have been left to live a miserable, unhappy existence were it not for a man who at one point, did not even like animals.

The story begins with one cat. A cat that belonged to his son, yet remained behind when his son moved out. That one cat had kittens who had to stay for eight weeks before they could leave. By the time the eight weeks were up, the hero of Hay Day had become a true cat lover.

The sanctuary started with a parcel of land and a work trailer, expanding to include more parcels of land to help more animals. This one hundred acre sanctuary is a place where animals can roam around, eat, play and be safe. The animals are spayed and neutered, they are given shots, they are nursed back to health and taught to love and trust again. These animals learn that their new forever home is a safe place to be, they will never be thrown back out into the streets again.

The expenses for the ranch have often been a source of struggle for the founder. Since retiring he has less money to put into the ranch, however continues to work 24 hour days to help these animals. Since the ranch became a non profit organization, it ranch now relies mainly on donations to continue the work. Not only are donations of money a help, but also donations of time. Any time that can be spared to help the animals on the ranch is appreciated. Cat food is also accepted by the sanctuary. As you can imagine, a lot of food is required to feed so many animals.

A cat is never turned away from the ranch. Whether it is a stray or one that a family is giving up. For a family giving up their cat, the cat must be spayed or neutered and up to date on shots. The animals that come in will live out their days in their new home in the ranch. No animals that come to live on the ranch are adopted out, they all remain through Hay Day hack.

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