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Positive Life Perception

Boo has learned, rather late in life that bein...

Boo has learned, rather late in life that being nice to people is a “good thing”… And, besides, it gets you more treats :) The fascinating thing about Boo’s expression here is that this “smiling” is apparently something dogs only use with humans. They don’t use it with other dogs at all. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ima Neal is one of the not too many women who have publicly expressed and shared their positive perceptions on life. Thanks to the uniqueness and positivity of her life perception, she is a great inspiration for people who want to find the positive way of thinking and for people who want to be happy with their lives.

This admirable philosopher and positive thinker always find her unique way to motivate people and share her positive life experience and wisdom with anyone. She likes to walk her pets on the park and try to speak with other people. Her pets are very lively thanks to her tender loving care and continuous nurture of pet vitamins. She also admits that nowadays life is full of negativity, but says a rather interesting approach on what to do with the negativity. According to Miss Neal, all of the negative things you’d encounter can be redirected or changed in such a way that it would eventually bring benefits to one or more persons. Of course, not anyone could achieve that as simply as it is written but she definitely finds this idea easily applicable.

She says that everyone should be joyful with their lives, appreciating life as a real gift. She also emphasized that all of what is really good in this life is always for free. Miss Mulla agrees that nowadays people encounter negativity and problems caused by their urging need of money. Thus, according to Miss Neal, our problems mainly originate from our own actions and thoughts or expectations from life. She said that people should always celebrate life itself – air, for example, is still free and this is already a great reason for celebrating.

Ms. Neal also reminds people that they sometimes forget to be thankful for all the things they have, things which money can’t buy. Money can’t buy sunsets and money can’t buy breathtaking landscapes all over the planet. These things aren’t priced and don’t have their bar codes. These are the things that people always had and still have, but still fail to observe. She reflects on the truth that people are blinded by running after money and power, making them feel like they had hundreds of problems while not being able to realize and to appreciate all of the small gifts that life has given.

Ima Neal says that once people have their own positive perspectives on life, they won’t really deal with negativity anymore. According to her, if people start focusing on positive aspects of life such as friends and family or leaving something good behind, they will become positive, happy, grateful and without worries. This is how great Ima’s positive thinking is.


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